Happy Holiday Season

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November and December are such busy months. We are preparing meals, shopping, trying to make people smile with food and presents. Thinking of past Christmases and wanting to create that feeling of warmth and joy. Even if our families are little dysfunctional, we forget that for two whole days…Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I know I am supposed to be all about the food, but to me seeing someone open a gift that they really wanted gives me such joy. Their eyes so wide with a smile that follows, says you hit the target. 


Laughter filled the house and made us warm inside. The hot chocolate might have helped too, lol. Teasing back and forth including one pile on. That is what family is really about. The holidays remind us of this, but doesn’t last the whole year through. That is why I’ve decided to create my own holiday each month. 


Honestly, the holidays shouldn’t be about food or gifts, it should be about the time you spend together and the love you share. The gifts will be forgotten. You won’t remember who gave you what next year. Everyone will remember you made delicious food but clearly not the entire menu (other than the traditional favorite). However, playing games or laughing at old times will be remembered forever. 


It’s what you do for others that count. No matter how big or small the gesture is, people appreciate it. A “Good Morning” to someone who’s lonely will make him or her smile. Taking time to play cards with an older relative goes a long way. A phone call or letter to someone far away. These are the things we need to cling on to all year round.


I hope everyone had a Christmas to remember. Have a Happy New Year!